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Skylights for Metal Roofs

Top 5 Skylights for Metal Roof and Complete Guide on Pre-Installation

Have you ever found yourself gazing at the vast expanse of your metal roof, wondering how you can infuse the sun’s natural light into your living spaces? Well, here’s a cool idea: Skylights for metal roofs! Skylights are like windows on your roof that let the sunlight in. They bring sunlight into your home, making it feel cozy and welcoming. Many of you might consider skylights – a way to elevate your home aesthetics. There’s no doubt that it elevates the aesthetics. But its significance goes beyond aesthetics. They contribute to saving energy by letting in natural light instead of using artificial lighting during daylight hours. Moreover, the natural light coming through skylight can make you happier and more focused & even help you sleep better. 

Think about waking up to the sun saying good morning or relaxing with the colours of a sunset in your living room. 

We surely know that skylights will make you feel good.

After knowing the multiple benefits of skylights, you might be thinking of installing skylights for metal roofs in your house. Well, that’s such a great idea. But, before implementing this idea, it’s crucial to understand the pre-installation considerations that ensure seamless integration of skylights for metal roofs. Moreover, also discover the top five skylights for metal roofs that you should consider before starting the installation process. 

Pre-Installation Considerations to Install Skylights for Metal Roofs 

Installing skylights for metal roofs is an excellent way to enhance natural light within a space, providing numerous benefits. But, to ensure a successful skylight installation, careful consideration is crucial. Here are some pre-installation considerations that you should remember. 

I. Assessing Roof’s Condition 

A skylight will be installed only on a metal roof which is in good condition without any issues & faults. Determine that your metal roof has no problems like rust, corrosion, or damaged panels. If there are no issues, it’s good to consider skylight installation. However, if there are some issues, resolve them first by contacting a reliable roofer. 

II. Skylight Placement

Consider the roof pitch, property’s structure, interior lighting position and natural light’s position & direction to determine the best location for skylights. Without considering these factors, you may get the wrong-positioned skylights, which will be of no use. 

III. Weather Conditions

Plan the skylight installation during favourable weather conditions, like summer or spring. Avoid considering skylight installation during rainy or windy seasons at all costs, as it can lead to several issues, including water leakage. 

IV. Local Building Permits

Every location has its own regulations and code of conduct for skylight installations. Check whether your local building or area has anything like this. If it has, obtain the necessary permits before starting the installation process. 

V. Skylight Type & Size 

Here comes the most important consideration- choosing skylights that are suitable for metal roofs. Based on factors like the dimension of the roof, ventilation needs & amount of natural light required, choose the type of skylights for metal roofs. This point is discussed in detail in the next section. 

Five Best Skylights for Metal Roofs 

1. Curbed Skylights

The skylights, which have raised structures above the roof’s surface to prevent water infiltration, are known as Curbed Skylights. These skylights can easily integrate into the roof structure. 

Material Compatibility: Curbed Skylights are commonly used with standing seam metal roofs. 

Who Should Consider: A curbed skylight is the best option if you’re looking for a sleek and modern design for your commercial or industrial property. 

2. Deck-Mounted Skylights 

The Deck-Mounted Skylights have a low profile and sit directly on the roof deck, providing a clean, unobtrusive look. 

Material Compatibility: These are best for corrugated or ribbed metal roofs. 

Who Should Consider: Since deck-mounted skylights are versatile in terms of design, homeowners can consider this type of skylight. 

3. Curb-Mounted Skylights

Acting as a barrier against water infiltration, Curb-Mounted Skylights feature a raised curb that directly sits on the roof. The best thing about this skylight is that it can be adapted to different roof styles & materials. 

Material Compatibility: These can go with all types of metal roofs. 

Who Should Consider: If you want top-notch insulation & protection against leaks in your skylights, this is the option you should consider. 

4. Tubular Skylights (Solar Tubes or Sun Tunnels)

As the name ‘Tubular Skylights’ suggests, this type of skylight consists of a small, roof-mounted tube that captures sunlight to let it enter. 

Material Compatibility: These are generally compatible with most metal roofs. 

Who Should Consider: This can go with any type of property, even if your roof is traditional or old, with limited roof space. 

5. Ventilated Skylights 

Ventilated Skylights are the most advanced skylights right now. They can be either deck-mounted or curb-mounted (depending on your manufacturer). Designed to increase airflow & ventilation, these skylights come with motorized or manual mechanisms. 

Material Compatibility: Ventilated Skylights can go with any metal roof. 

Who Should Consider: These skylights are an ideal option for residential spaces since they contain the option to control airflow. 

A Reliable Companion to Install Skylights for Metal Roofs

Installing skylights for metal roofs is not a child’s play. Even if you have some in-depth knowledge, you should still refrain from installing skylights on your own. Instead, choose reliable skylight installers near you. Skylight installations require years of experience & high level of skills, which only a professional company acquires. So, call any renowned skylights installation services provider to elevate your property’s aesthetics & functionality. 

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